St. Andrews Tacoma

St. Andrews Tacoma wanted a website which better reflected the vitality and character of their church.  They were ready to move to an updated design that made it easy to update photos and videos. … [Read more...]

SweetiePie Parenting

SweetiePie Parenting uses Top Banana's E-Commerce Platform designed for small to medium sized company. It incorporates class registration and a shopping cart to pay for classes online through secure website hosting.  Rolled into this website was email marketing, an integrated customer database and blogs to to keep parents informed about class updates, parenting tips and other important information  All these features were designed so the client … [Read more...]

Antarctic Empire

Introducing our new Top Banana Web Design E-Commerce Platform. Not just a shopping cart, but an on-line business solution that includes secure hosting, flexible content management, E-commerce shop, targeted email marking, integrated customer data base, reporting and analytics along with other fun stuff, such as blogs, forums, event bookings, photo galleries, and ad rotators. The Cadillac of all-in-one business website and online marketing … [Read more...]

St. Paul’s Episcopal

St. Paul's Episcopal Church Seattle was looking to update their church website and make it easier for staff to keep their website updated. WordPress seemed a natural fit as staff and volunteers can work on the website at home or in the office easily. … [Read more...]

Olympia Evangelism

Olympia Evangelism was looking for a website that would provide training resources including material downloads, video, podcasts, and other resources as well as a means to advertise upcoming classes and conferences. We provided not only a website but extensive WordPress video training to help them be able to manage this site. Visit Site. … [Read more...]


This organization needed WordPress help and a little bit of design to make it functional and attractive ride as they continue to add to its content. Visit Site … [Read more...]


This organization needed a professional, academic feel, but at the same time wanted their site to look playful, fun to ride.  They needed a registration page that could manage a multitude of tasks but was easy on the driver, and they wanted lots of accessories.  In other words, not  a race car,  but not your grand-dad's Buick, either.  With graphics that keep the copy moving, and easy, automatic-shift navigation, this website purrs like a kitten … [Read more...]

Umbrella Theatre

A scrappy compact minivan of a fringe theatre playing on a rough track. How to appeal to critical theatregoers and families alike? The solution:  Our uniquely styled, colorful, and sporty website that breaks from from the pack,  inspires the imagination, and drives ticket sales. Visit Site … [Read more...]

Medi-Script Plus

The client needed a high-performance website, and she needed it yesterday! Who ya gonna call? None other than the Indy pit crew that is Top Banana. We not only fixed her wagon on the double but provided her with video instruction as to how to drive it off the lot and use the accessories. Another satisfied customer leaving her competition in the dust. Visit Site … [Read more...]

MediScribes p.r.n.

An industrial ride, sure—but why not beat the traffic? Physicians and clinics are a tough sell, but our client stands out on the lot and breaks from the pack with this elegantly styled and smooth-riding site. Visit Site … [Read more...]